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Player List

1ausManning McCannHamilton Olympic FC 11sGoalkeeper
2ausTommy ButcherHamilton Olympic FC 11sWinger
3ausJett Floyer-KellHamilton Olympic FC 11sDefender
4ausCallum HewittHamilton Olympic FC 11sStriker
5ausRocco TripodiHamilton Olympic FC 11sDefender
6ausZane HancockHamilton Olympic FC 11sMidfielder
7ausJonah ReedHamilton Olympic FC 11sStriker
8ausByron BennettHamilton Olympic FC 13s
9ausOscar CathcartHamilton Olympic FC 13s
10ausDylan ChristoffersenHamilton Olympic FC 13s
11ausMitchell ConnorsHamilton Olympic FC 13sGoalkeeper
12ausSam JacksonHamilton Olympic FC 13s
13ausJack KnowlesHamilton Olympic FC 13s
14ausJettson HuntHamilton Olympic FC 13s
15ausMatthew NovakHamilton Olympic FC 13s
16ausKobe ParkHamilton Olympic FC 14s
17ausRiley ParkerHamilton Olympic FC 14s
18ausLachlan GriffithsHamilton Olympic FC 14s
19ausDeclan HughesHamilton Olympic FC 14s
20ausSam AndersonHamilton Olympic FC 14s
21ausKai KarakaHamilton Olympic FC 14s
22ausKierry JamesHamilton Olympic FC 14s
23ausKyle D’AgostinoHamilton Olympic FC 15sStriker
24ausAngus TonksHamilton Olympic FC 15sGoalkeeper
25ausZane ButterworthHamilton Olympic FC 15s
26ausMatthew HallettHamilton Olympic FC 15s
27ausCooper JanzenHamilton Olympic FC 15s
28ausBen HendersonHamilton Olympic FC 15s
29ausRiley WestHamilton Olympic FC 15s
30ausJonathon MiddlebyHamilton Olympic FC 15s
31ausEthan LewisUnder 13 NPL
32ausIzac LavenderUnder 13 NPL
33ausJamie LloydUnder 13 NPL
34ausLorcan McCallumUnder 13 NPL
35ausJude O’BrienUnder 13 NPL
36ausRiver PetersenUnder 13 NPL
37ausCharlie StevensonUnder 13 NPL
38ausLucas WalsheUnder 13 NPL
39ausNikolai ZervasUnder 13 NPL
40ausCohen BartropHamilton Olympic FC 14s
41ausCale ConserdyneHamilton Olympic FC 14s
42ausShiwa DulHamilton Olympic FC 14s
43ausRemi FloodHamilton Olympic FC 14s
44ausLachlan GrahamHamilton Olympic FC 14s
45ausAswin GurungHamilton Olympic FC 14s
46ausJack MurphyHamilton Olympic FC 14s
47ausWill SouthcombeHamilton Olympic FC 14s
48ausLiam BeazleyHamilton Olympic FC 15s
49ausWilliam DeVitisHamilton Olympic FC 15s
50ausSam DonagueHamilton Olympic FC 15s
51ausMathew HonneryHamilton Olympic FC 15s
52ausDylan NableHamilton Olympic FC 15s
53ausLachaln NewtonHamilton Olympic FC 15s
54ausJack PageHamilton Olympic FC 15s
55ausJye RodwayHamilton Olympic FC 15s
56ausNic AdamsHamilton Olympic FC 16s
57ausLayton BushHamilton Olympic FC 16s
58ausCooper HuntHamilton Olympic FC 16s
59ausOlivier KoehnHamilton Olympic FC 16s
60ausCrishtopher LloydHamilton Olympic FC 16s
61ausOliver RichHamilton Olympic FC 16s
62ausBrandon ChristoffersenHamilton Olympic FC 12s
63ausHarry CornwellHamilton Olympic FC 12s
64ausMaddiyk DimisHamilton Olympic FC 12s
65ausJulian DunnHamilton Olympic FC 12s
66ausChazz HarrisHamilton Olympic FC 12s
67ausCallan McCormackHamilton Olympic FC 12s
68ausOliver SteinertsHamilton Olympic FC 12s
69ausMaddyk DimisHamilton Olympic FC 11sMidfielder
70ausCameron GrantHamilton Olympic FC 11sMidfielder
71ausSamuel JensenHamilton Olympic FC 11sWinger
72ausAsha ManganHamilton Olympic FC 10s
73ausMaximilian Thomas CohenHamilton Olympic FC 10s
74ausFelix Arcangelo Dos-SantosHamilton Olympic FC 10s
75ausTaj ReedHamilton Olympic FC 10s
76ausMacki B LeesHamilton Olympic FC 10s
77ausJet Talon GossnerHamilton Olympic FC 10s
78ausIsaac William ScottHamilton Olympic FC 10s
79ausCooper Thomas KnightHamilton Olympic FC 10s
80ausEden Cooper PurcellHamilton Olympic FC 10s
81ausEly HuntHamilton Olympic FC 10s
82ausHamish SearlesHamilton Olympic FC 10s
83ausIsaac JonesHamilton Olympic FC 12s
84ausCody HoptonHamilton Olympic FC 13s
85ausAndrew ChenHamilton Olympic FC 12s
86ausParker GillHamilton Olympic FC 12s
87ausCooper WilsonHamilton Olympic FC 12s
88ausAdam GreenHamilton Olympic FC 12s
89ausHunter HazellHamilton Olympic FC 12s
90ausJoshua HarrisonHamilton Olympic FC 12s
91ausHarrison JanetzkiHamilton Olympic FC 12s
92ausNoah StevensHamilton Olympic FC 13s
93ausNoah SefoHamilton Olympic FC 12s
94ausCampbell DoughtyHamilton Olympic FC 12s
95ausAidan MaherHamilton Olympic FC 13s
96ausRyan DucheminHamilton Olympic FC 13s
97ausNate RobertsonHamilton Olympic FC 13s
98ausJack Donovan-SchulzHamilton Olympic FC 13s
99ausCale Tony ConserdyneHamilton Olympic FC 13s
100ausWil SouthcombeHamilton Olympic FC 13s
101ausRiley EgertonHamilton Olympic FC 13s
102ausRemi Flood FloodHamilton Olympic FC 13s
103ausMatthew HonneryHamilton Olympic FC 14s
104ausMax BaileyHamilton Olympic FC 14s
105ausWilliam De VitisHamilton Olympic FC 14s
106ausChristian BraccoHamilton Olympic FC 14s
107ausXander WoweriesHamilton Olympic FC 14s
108ausLachlan NewtonHamilton Olympic FC 14s
109ausRiley BrentHamilton Olympic FC 14sGoalkeeper
110ausNicholas ForsythHamilton Olympic FC 15s
111ausKynan AilwoodHamilton Olympic FC 15s
112ausChristopher LloydHamilton Olympic FC 15s
113ausByron PrinsenHamilton Olympic FC 15s
114ausLayton James BushHamilton Olympic FC 15s
115ausT’jay LaneHamilton Olympic FC 15s
116ausCooper Max HuntHamilton Olympic FC 15s
117ausSebastian MooreHamilton Olympic FC 15sGoalkeeper
118ausGiles HarrisonHamilton Olympic FC 13s
119ausGeorge TsamourasHamilton Olympic FC 13s
120Tyler WarrenHamilton OlympicGoalkeeper
121ausJack StewartHamilton Olympic FC 16sGoalkeeper
122ausKyle HodgesKyle HodgesHamilton OlympicDefender
123ausRyan KnowlesHamilton Olympic FC 16sDefender
124ausElliot PaksecHamilton Olympic FC 16sDefender
125ausThomas DaviesHamilton OlympicDefender
126ausAndrew PaksecHamilton Olympic FC 16sDefender
127ausJake McGuinnessHamilton OlympicDefender, Midfielder
128ausAndy KinkadeHamilton Olympic FC 16sMidfielder
129ausBlake GreenHamilton OlympicDefender
130ausJackson LaneHamilton Olympic FC 16sMidfielder
131ausReece PapadimitriosHamilton OlympicDefender, Midfielder
132ausSimon MooneyHamilton OlympicDefender, Attacker
133ausCallan FryHamilton Olympic FC 16sMidfielder
134ausJacob BaileyHamilton OlympicMidfielder
135ausHayden UngaroHamilton Olympic FC 16sWinger
136ausSean PrattHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
137ausRhys CooperHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
138ausGrant CliffordHamilton Olympic FC 16sMidfielder
139ausWade CiapparaHamilton Olympic FC 16sMidfielder
140ausScott PettitHamilton OlympicAttacker
141ausNick Fallou-KillickHamilton Olympic FC 16sWinger
142ausThomas StewartHamilton OlympicDefender
143ausJack Read-JonesHamilton Olympic FC 16sDefender
144ausJed HorneryHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
145ausJared MullerHamilton Olympic FC 16sStriker
146ausJarryd SutherlandHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
147ausRyan MurphyHamilton Olympic FC 16sDefender
148ausCody LucasHamilton OlympicDefender
149ausStuart MusialikHamilton OlympicMidfielder
150nzlLeonidas BertosHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
151ausRhyan SmithHamilton OlympicDefender
152ausDrew GriersonHamilton OlympicDefender, Midfielder
153ausDaniel EisenhauerHamilton OlympicGoalkeeper
154ausKane TrebleHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
155ausHarrison CrookHamilton OlympicDefender, Midfielder
156ausLuke ValloneHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
157ausJoseph TemperleyHamilton OlympicDefender, Midfielder
158ausThomas SutersHamilton OlympicDefender
159ausAlexander GrantHamilton OlympicMidfielder
160ausLachlan RaggHamilton OlympicMidfielder, Attacker
161ausBrandon ChristoffersonHamilton Olympic FC 11sDefender, Winger
162ausMatthew DaleyHamilton OlympicAttacker
163ausShane EllwoodHamilton OlympicMidfielder
164ausEmerson GoslingHamilton OlympicGoalkeeper
165ausLachlan TerryHamilton Olympic FC 18sGoalkeeper
166ausKyle TheacosHamilton Olympic FC 18sDefender
167ausKye FauchonHamilton Olympic FC 18sDefender
168ausSteven TheacosHamilton Olympic FC 18sDefender
169ausMarcus HaynesHamilton Olympic FC 18sDefender
170ausDaniel Ball-McKinnonHamilton Olympic FC 18sMidfielder
171ausBodhi DeamerHamilton Olympic FC 18sMidfielder
172ausTimothy StewartHamilton Olympic FC 18sMidfielder
173ausBailey BlumelHamilton Olympic FC 18sMidfielder
174ausMatthaus SchumacherHamilton Olympic FC 18sDefender
175ausConnor HendersonHamilton Olympic FC 18sWinger
176ausElijah HarrisonHamilton Olympic FC 18sWinger
177ausChai DavisHamilton Olympic FC 18sWinger
178ausVincent UnieHamilton Olympic FC 18sStriker
179ausJoshua DavisHamilton Olympic FC 18sMidfielder